Sustainable Manufacturing

The long term goal of any business is to be able to meet the changing needs of its customers today, tomorrow and into the future.

The environmental impact of a business operation has a direct effect on cost, corporate reputation, supply chain and potentially the ongoing ability for the business to operate at a preferred location. 

The need for good environmental practice is increasingly becoming essential in modern business to satisfy investors, regulators, customers and the communities where you operate.

Sustainable manufacturing practices not only brings these intangible benefits, but will reduces operating costs, improves management information and engages the workforce.

Services offered included

• Energy Management Programmes
• Staff Engagement Programmes
• Energy, Water and Wastewater Performance Audits
• Environmental Performance Certification 

Projective’s sustainable manufacturing services are targeted at the physical manufacturing operations and our aim is to improve how businesses utilise the natural resources of Energy and Water within the manufacturing or business processes. As engineers, our approach is based on engineering principles, which are underlined through analysis of operational information then the delivery of the RIGHT solution.

We have extensive experience in designing and delivering sustainability programmes to clients from a range of industrial backgrounds. We adopt a systems approach to tackling problems by identifying the root causes and recommending solutions based on evidence.  Solutions range from one off audits through to full programmes certifiable to ISO50001 or other world standards.

Unlike other consulting companies, as engineers we are able to deliver all solutions we identify ensuring the client is delivered the savings that were identified and promised.