Performance Improvement

Delivering first class performance at the lowest possible cost is the goal for every business.

Many businesses develop and grow organically with few changes in the technical management and operational teams. Introducing expert 3rd parties to provide a catalyst and facilitates change can deliver the necessary re-positioning for future growth.

Our consultants, engineers and trainers provide the essential mix of fresh eyes and engineering skills to facilitate the required performance change in any manufacturing business. 

We recognise that hearts and minds are the only real way of delivering sustainable change within an organisation, which is why solutions are based on proven technical principles which can be explained prior to implementation. 

Our Performance Improvement Services

• Legislation and Safety Compliance Audits 
• Interim Change Management
• Energy and Water Cost Reduction
• Plant Recommissioning 
• OEE Improvement Studies
• Technical Staff Skills Assessments and Training
• Maintenance Program Creation and Development 
• Root Cause Studies for Repeating Issues