Net Carbon Zero

Net Carbon Zero

It is easier than you think

What is Net Carbon Zero?

It has been long known that CO2 emission is the biggest factor contributing to global warming, and in 2016, 195 countries signed the Paris Agreement, affirming their commitment to strengthening the global response to the threat of climate change. Each country has agreed nationally determined contributions (NDCs) to achieving the target of below 2°c global warming. This sees a number of the world’s biggest contributors including the UK, France, Spain, Denmark, Portugal, New Zealand, Chile, Costa Rica, Sweden, Iceland, Finland and Norway, have net carbon zero targets for around 2050.  

The overall objective of NCZ is to ensure environmental sustainability and create an overall balance between emissions produced and emissions removed from the atmosphere. As an industrial business, NCZ should be high on your agenda and it is easier than you might think.

As well as achieving NCZ ourselves, our specialist engineers have worked with global businesses to deliver and implement a strategy to achieve NCZ .

What are the benefits?

In addition to having impactful environmental gains, what are the direct benefits to you for achieving NCZ?

Competitiveness - In a highly competitive market, your potential clients and investors will be looking at the steps your business has taken to be carbon neutral. If you are lagging behind, you are likely to find your competitors are starting to win contracts ahead of you.

Cost Savings - Achieving NCZ operations will allow your business to see reductions in cost, through reduced energy and improved production efficiencies, in addition to a reduction in your emissions. As an added benefit, the requirement to purchase expensive carbon credits or green certificates will be expunged, further reducing operational costs.

Growth - With cost savings, emissions reductions and added competitiveness, achieving NCZ could support you in reaching your business growth goals. Our specialist engineers will work with your teams to maximize production efficiencies across the board and reach your goals for growth.

Case Study: Strategic roadmap for Net Carbon Zero for pharmaceutical manufacturer

Projective proposed a strategic roadmap to deliver instant CO2 reductions, whilst keeping the costs down.


The Challenge

We recently worked with a well-established blue-chip pharmaceutical giant, who were looking to achieve net carbon zero (NCZ) across 30+ manufacturing sites globally. Our key aim was to build a roadmap to ensure their objective was not only achievable, but could also be tailored to suit the different sites, whilst considering the wide-spread locations and different working practices.

With various factors such as processes, grid carbon factor and the product being manufactured, we had to build a roadmap which considered the impact these factors had on NCZ being able to be achieved in each site. In addition, the availability of real estate and the capital investment to achieve NCZ were a major challenge. Because of these factors, the achievability of NCZ across the whole business was perceived to be unrealistic by the client.


Our specialist engineers were able to propose a logical approach to building a roadmap and an energy and process profile of all sites was prepared. This allowed the client to visualise how NCZ will be achieved, and identified sites that could be net zero, within just one year.

Following on from this, our team highlighted the priority sites and created clear and comprehensive roadmap. To achieve the key targets set out in the roadmap, we identified a mix of renewables, process improvements, optimisation of existing assets and cutting-edge technology that would be implemented and utilised.

Intelligent Solution

Not only have our recommendations been taken on-board by the client, they will also achieve NCZ status, for up to four sites in the first year alone. This would translate to carbon reductions of 13,500 tonnes p.a.

The sites would also see vast improvements in power resiliency by being less reliant on grid energy; a critical element for sites located within emerging markets. Moving on from this piece of work, a detailed study has been ordered for high-priority sites, which will see Projective designing a site-based programme for achieving NCZ.

For more information about how you can become net carbon zero, please contact our team on 01252 360400 or [email protected].