Pharmaceutical and Life Science

Working for some to the world’s largest pharmaceutical and life science companies has given Projective the vital experience needed to operate in this sector.

In a sector where GMP compliance and validation are key parameters to keep patients safe, we have the experience and skills to ensure all projects deliver the essential results in this challenging environment.

Projective provide a full range of sustainability consultancy services targeted at reducing the impact these operations have of the environment.

As industrial utilities experts, Projective are able to provide assessment of a sites' facilities and recommend areas of improvement to reduce Energy and Water use.
Each recommendation will take into account the specific requirements of GMP and Quality Assurance and include a detailed review of the impact to any manufacturing process.

Delivering change through employee engagement in any regulated business can be challenging due to the important nature of the need for processes to be repeatable and unchanged thus ensuring good GMP. Projective have recognised this and developed an engagement programme focused around tacking these challenges.

Delivery of our focused “NANO” events take only 4 hours and often identify 5+% of achievable improvement in cost saving or process time in any process.

Delivering the engineering solutions in this sector take special skills and knowledge. Projective have been successfully delivering small and large scale projects relating to upgrading existing or building new facilities. Projective’s expert project managers recognise the need to maintain facility operations during project and excel at delivering large projects with no loss of production or sterilisation.