Municipal Water Utilities

Complete Solution to Energy Reduction in the Water Industry

Projective's energy savings programme has delivered over £100,000 per year of completed projects since beginning of the framework partnership, with a total accumulated benefit to date over £1 million per year.

The cost of resources is not just about economics; the social impact of escalating prices ensures the cost of public utility bills is more politically significant than ever before. Lowering the costs of water supply and wastewater treatment ultimately has a part to play in demonstrating responsible operation.

Optimising energy usage from source to waste

Projective can help with reducing energy costs for both clean and wastewater operations. Our common theme for both is to analyse the complete system (rather than individual parts in isolation), and to maximise the use of existing assets before considering replacement.
Clean water production encompasses raw water abstraction of both surface and groundwater, through to potable water distribution. It is a given that pump performance is critical to the cost of operation, but it is not the only factor. For example; customer demand is reflected in your electricity costs. Quite simply it is more expensive to deliver water when it is most needed. Making more effective use of storage volumes can enable you to disconnect instantaneous supply with demand, allowing you to pump water when electricity is cheaper.
When considering the wastewater side, we specialise in optimising the heat generation and use within a sludge treatment centre. The efficiency of heat generation is traditionally targeted but often the efficiency of heat transfer across the process is just as critical. Heat transfer should be carefully monitored, but is often not known despite it being a critical factor directly affecting the use of imported fuel (natural gas or fuel oil).

Already optimised?
Let us look again with fresh eyes
We look at the entire system to understand how different components interact together to consume energy.
We have examined a number of systems that were previously believed to be optimised. Our analysis encompasses the entire system and considers every asset within it, uncovering greater savings. You may be surprised at what we are able to achieve.

End-to-end services to deliver the engineering vision
Please refer to our End-to-End Services infosheet for information about how we provide end-to-end project delivery.

Accurate modelling of complex systems
Changing the performance of a single pump in a system will be felt system wide. For this reason we have developed modelling software to evaluate any potential project with high confidence and with no risk to security of supply.

Accurate modelling is critical for determining how best to optimise the system.  
Model results can be compared against historical 
performance of the system under the existing control philosophy to verify accuracy. Once complete, the full effect of any change can be fully substantiated.

Historical reservoir level and flowrate

Modelled reservoir level and flowrate