Food and Beverage

Ensuring costs are minimised whilst outputs are maximised.

Producing and preparing the nation’s food and beverages is both extremely energy intensive and very competitive. Our services have the energy and water utilities expertise to assist customers in building and maintaining their production facility to ensure costs are minimised whilst output is maximised.

Projective's energy and water reduction services often identify and deliver costs savings of between 20 – 40%, with a payback of between 1-4 years. With energy and water costs often representing between 5-15% of production costs, Projective’s solutions are able to provide an uplift in margin of around 2%

Many food and beverage production facilities are facing cost challenges and with energy and water costs set to rise again in the next 3 years.

Projective can also offer smaller producer funding assistance for cost reduction projects which spread the costs out over the payback period or longer if required ensuring funding availability is not a blocker to improving the company’s sustainable performance.

Projective can also offer vendor independent advice and assistance for those organisations looking to replace and install new facilities. Being independent means we work FOR YOU and will not specify or recommend equipment that is too large or the wrong type just because it’s the only one we sell.

Where customers have specific engineering issues and are looking for some interim technical or managerial assistance, Projective are able to provide this through adhoc programmes tailored to the clients needs.