Commercial Buildings & Business Centre

Ensuring energy and water use in facilities are minimised, and waste streams are recovered and reused.

Maintaining a suitable environment for staff and clients is essential to ensure high quality productivity and sales. Utilising our smart solutions, Projective can ensure energy and water use in these facilities are minimised, and waste streams are recovered and reused.

Over time things change and the recommissioning of existing building utilities and HVAC systems to meet the current operation can deliver significant improvements to building conditions and operating costs.

Services offered include:

Energy and Water Consumption Audits
Energy Management Services
HVAC Design and Optimisation
Building Management Systems - Design and Optimisation
Utilities Plant Design and Optimisation Including Boilers, Chillers, Water & Wastewater Treatment Plants

As independent thermal energy recovery experts, Projective are able to recover heat or cooling from site systems and the environment to achieve zero or low emission facilities. 
Data centres offer a unique opportunity to recover heat and utilise free cooling, our engineers have carried out several system designs for global corporations to maximise this useful energy and minimise operating costs.

Projective can also provide building management system (BMS) design and modifications to several vendor systems and as global partners to Schneider Electric we are able to offer a full range of solutions offered by this global company. We are able to work with architectural practices on new facilities to ensure best practice is deigned in from day one and not an afterthought.