Water and Wastewater Treatment

Projective solves and delivers your industrial water and waste water challenges.


Right quantity and quality of water is our objective.

Conditioning water is often an essential step in many industrial processes.
Perceptions that water is cheap often obscure the easy wins of recovering water from waste streams.
Our engineers have several years' experience, enabling us to identify how to reduce water consumption and the costs required for conditioning.

Ensuring your water supply efficiently provides the right quantity & quality of water is our objective. Whether your water treatment requirements range from potable through to injectable water standards, Projective engineers are able to design and build you a system from new or re-engineer your existing system to provide improved performance and quality compliance.

Delivering safe waste water streams back to the environment or municipal water treatment plants is essential for every business to meet its legal and environmental obligations. Projective’s experienced waste water treatment engineers are able to offer pragmatic advice for plant operators experiencing quality or throughput issues or alternatively for organisations seeking to install treatment plants we are able to offer independent design and build services ensuring the best value is delivered to our client.


Projective have several years experience of providing a wide range of water and waste water services to our industrial and commercial clients including:

- Water & waste water management programmes
- Metering system design and data analysis services
- Water efficiency and conservation audits
- Waste water treatment performance and compliance audits
- Pumping and system hydraulic design & analysis
- Borehole and renewable water resources – design, delivery and management
- Water treatment plant selection and system design – potable, treated, pure and ultrapure
- Hygienic & GMP grade water system design and analysis
- Water recovery schemes design
- Anaerobic digestion design & optimisation
- Renewable energy from bio-waste including CHP optimisation
- Water quality audits ensuring legal compliance to legionella and other water regulations
- Thermal energy recovery systems