Building Management Services (HVAC – BMS)

Meets your process and legal requirements as well as delivers the lowest possible operating costs.

Maintaining a safe and comfortable environment for both personnel and the manufacturing process is essential to safety and operational excellence.

Whether you are operating in a high tolerance sterile environment or providing comfortable conditions and ventilation for staff, Projective building services engineers can analyse, design and commission the right system for you.
Coupled with our heating and cooling expertise, we can provide the whole solution, ensuring it not only meets your process and legal requirements, but also delivers this at the lowest possible operating costs.


System audit
Commissioning and recommissioning
Energy Recovery systems
Renewable solutions to HVAC challenges


System optimisation Audits
Replacing obsolete systems
System Recommissioning

Once a system is built, the effective control and management of the system is essential to sustaining the best performance. Projective provide audits of existing systems and solutions to redesign, replace or recommission a system back to its best operating condition