Compressed Air and Process Gas Systems

Compressed Air Systems.

Projective offers expertise in compressed air solutions.

Many industries use compressed air for control systems or as product transport systems.  An estimated 10% of the electricity used in industry is used in the generation, treatment and distribution of compressed air, which represents an important opportunity to streamline systems and save costs.

We have a wide experience in the analysis and design of compressed air systems from generation through filtration and conditioning to distribution and point of use.

 Offers Include:

• System review
Design and engineering
System optimisation and recommissioning


Process gases.

Projective has a long history in process gas and CO2 recovery

Many process industries use specialist process gas systems within their manufacturing process.
We provide design and engineering services for all process gases and has specialist knowledge of CO2 recovery systems within the food and beverage industry.

Services offered include:

• System review
• Generation technologies
• Storage and vaporisation technologies
• Energy recovery systems
• Distribution systems
• Gas recovery and cleaning systems