Combined Heat and Power

For facilities with a suitable natural gas supply and a heating demand, combined heat and power (CHP) can represent an excellent opportunity to reduce costs and carbon emissions.

Combined heat and power systems have in the past been seen as expensive white elephants as the cost benefits of the system relay on many factors.

• Difference between the gas prices
• The continuous heat demand for most of the year
• A continuous need for the power generated energy
• Future energy saving measures reducing both heat and power demands
• Ongoing maintenance costs

For this reason, Projective always complete a detailed CHP application study before recommending a CHP solution to the client. Results from the study will provide the customer with the key cost and benefit information together with a full sensitivity analysis for changes in the above factors.

Taking all things into account, Projective are then able to recommend a suitably sized unit and more importantly, provide a design on how the system will integrate with the sites existing utilities.

Incorrect integration of the CHP can have a dramatic effect on the cost benefit of a system. Projective also provide recommissioning and performance improvement services for existing CHP installations. Recent projects with a major water company have identified just under £1 million of additional revenue from optimising their existing biogas CHP systems

For clients with a large cooling demand, Projective can also provide tri-generation solutions utilising absorption cooling.