You see a need to reduce costs or environmental impact.
We deliver whole system efficiency.

From time to time all businesses may find the need to bring in external expertise to quickly move an issue or opportunity onto the next stage.

Engaging Projective consulting engineers can provide your business with the correct skills and analytical horsepower essential to quickly identify and solve technical business issues. 
Our consultants will provide those “fresh eyes” obtained from several years’ experience in industry ensuring you get advice based on best practice across several sectors and industries across the globe.

Projective Consultancy

Services provided by Projective consulting engineers include:

√  Factory output and performance improvements audits
√  Cost reduction programmes
√  Sustainability management including energy & water reduction programmes & audits
√  Asset & plant condition studies
√  Procurement due diligence services
√  Asset replacement strategy development
√  Employee skill assessments & training programme development
√  Engineering management and maintenance programmes
√  Facility master planning
√  New facility development